Toronto Fashion Academy (TFA) was designed on the basis of perfecting and extolling the true quality of our artist’s within the Fashion Industry. It is the only academy in Canada, which caters to training in High Fashion Modeling, Fashion Styling, Fashion Design, Make-up Artistry and Fashion Photography. These Academies were perfected under one roof in accordance to our industry experts.


We believe in providing a training institute that not only refines the ability to learn the basics of your profession, but also to work in an environment that helps build your portfolio for future projects. TFA believes in teaching the students how to walk, before they can learn to run. Get ready to discover yourself – Because, you are fashion at TFA!   


Toronto Fashion Academy has 3 divisions within its umbrella, teaching & portfolio building, designer representation, corporate marketing & sponsorship collaborations. We specialize in working in a fashion environment and provide precise business to consumer packages within our portfolio of events & campaigns.